Alex Gervash Pilot. Psychologist and fear of flying specialist.
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Alex Gervash

Founder & CEO of “Flying without fear” Center

Alex is one of just 150 specialists in the world in the field of fear of flying. He is a professional pilot with US and EU licenses, as well as a psychologist (graduate of Jerusalem University), and has been studying fear of flying since 2008. During this time Alex has already helped over 9000 people from more than 20 countries to overcome it.

Many of our programs’ graduates had been terrified to get onboard for years before they met Alex. Besides fear of flying, Alex’s professional competencies also cover - panic attacks, claustrophobia, and perfectionism. He makes a special emphasis on child psychology and the prevention of anxiously suspicious personality type development.

Alex Gervash - author of several books on fear of flying, founder of unique fear of flying treatment programs, and the creator of mobile apps to help people who suffer from fear and panic disorders. He’s also been featured on multiple tv- and radio programs.

Viktorina Lintsova

Fear of flying treatment specialist & SkyGuru Co-founder

Viktorina is a psychologist (graduate of the University of Michigan, USA) and now - fear of flying treatment specialist. She can relate to those suffering from fear of flying better than anyone else as she was in those shoes herself. Since 2016 she has been an integral part of “Flying without fear” team, leading courses, accompanying clients on flights, and taking on various projects at the Center.
“I understand very well how you feel and how much the fear can be a limiting factor in your personal and professional life. Fear of flying used to be so overwhelming for me that I would spend hours choosing my tickets (often overpaying for a “safer airline”), delaying my trips, and worrying days before the flight.. Luckily, it is all in the past for me now. Today I can hop on an airplane and be in my favorite part of the world any day of the week. Moreover, I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with those who are just starting their journey to a life free of fears and limitations. It is the best reward and motivation to see how much the lives of our clients change along the way.” - says Viktorina.

Viktorina Lintsova