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Flight Buddy

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Our apps Flight Buddy
Meet Flight Buddy - the newest app from the team.
This app, is the dream of any fearful flyer!

Flight Buddy is a complete and self-sufficient psychotherapeutic tool.
It has the whole set of knowledge and techniques that will help you go through your flight noticeably easier.

What you will find in the app:

  • Access to a full-fledged video course lasting more than 50 hours: everything we have created over 11 years of treating the fear of flying

  • Exercises to reduce fear in flight and to prepare for it

  • “What if ..?”: Answers to the most common fears of aerophobes

  • Audio guide for all stages of the flight with personal comments and explanations by Alex Gervash, in both voice and text forms.

  • Flight turbulence forecast and weather conditions at departure and arrival airports

  • Forecast of the probability of leaving for a "Go-around" before landing

Common questions:

  • How is Flight Buddy different from SkyGuru?

  • SkyGuru is not involved in psychology. There are no courses, exercises, etc. SkyGuru is about flight technique and logic, Flight Buddy is about the psyche. SkyGuru has no voice guidance.

  • How much does it cost?

  • 3 days for free, and then $49 per year / $99 per year. The second option includes access to all video courses and their updates.

  • Will there be an android version?

  • No.