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Assisted flight

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Assisted flight
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Do you have an upcoming flight shortly?
You’ve tried “not to think about it”, but the closer the flight is the bigger your fear gets?
Do you have doubts that you will board the plane?
Are you seriously considering to cancel your flight because of fear?
Do you just not have the time to take fear of flying course?

It is very likely that you are just a step away from significantly strengthening your fear of flying. Canceling a flight because of fear usually leads to the aggravation of the situation and seriously increases stress next time you’d try to fly anywhere. However, there is a solution, even if there is only a little time available. One of our specialists can accompany you on your upcoming flight.   

You will meet several hours before departure and discuss your particular case.

You’ll receive specific recommendations on how to block adrenalin (fear hormone) at a physiological level.

Analyze which errors in your thinking create fear and panic before and during flight, and correct them.

Receive useful knowledge about aviation, aerodynamics, aviation meteorology, human factor and methods used to decrease it, and much more.

Once on board with one of our specialists, you will receive explanations of all the ongoing processes and your sensations, as well as understand instruments for self-control instead of trying to control an airplane.

This flight will become the first almost calm flight in many years. After the flight you’ll have a debriefing session where you’ll get personalized recommendations on how to work further with your fear of flying, should this be necessary.

Flight can be arranged anywhere in the world, to any destination. The price is to be discussed based on the destination/flight duration.

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