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Urgent pre-flight consultation

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Urgent pre-flight consultation
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Are you flying today or tomorrow? No time to take fear of flying course? Does the panic takes over the excitement of an upcoming trip? Book an express consultation with one of our specialists and your flight will go better than you what you are imagining now.
Price: From $199 USD

It is often the case that people with the fear of flying tend to postpone addressing the issue and “not to think” about an upcoming flight. Such an attempt to distract oneself inevitably leads only to a more severe fear right before the flight. Sometimes the fear can be so strong that the person just cancels the flight. From that moment on the phobia increases drastically: after all, what we avoid because of fear, automatically becomes dangerous in our mind. It is important for us to help you not to make that mistake.

Fear of flying is a treatable disorder. Remember, you used to fly calmly? This means that you’ve learned to fly with fear. Thus, there are no reasons why you cannot learn to fly calmly again. If your flight is coming up very soon and you have no time to take the full course, we can arrange a 40-minute phone / Skype consultation with one of our fear of flying specialists. We truly understand all your doubts and worries. We also know that “mantras” such as: “what are you so scared of - don’t be” or “cars are more dangerous” or “think positively” - do not help to overcome fear. Most likely, they do the opposite. Yet, we know what, when and how to tell you so that your upcoming flight:

А. would still take place despite the phobia and your strong desire to cancel it

B. would go much easier than you are imagining it now

С. would become the first step in eliminating the fear of flying from your life

Upon your return, you’d be able to continue with one of our courses and we’d happily account for the price of this consultation as part of one of our complete programs.

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