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Our apps #No_Fear
Fast and effective instrument to work with phobias and panic attacks. The app has two parts: “learn” and “practice”. The first part is our knowledge database that we’ve compiled over 10 years of experience. The second - gradual immersion into fearful situations using virtual reality.

One of three people in the world suffer from phobias or panic attacks. These fears significantly impair the quality of life and deprive us of the most essential - freedom.

At the same time, almost every person has the ability to simply get rid of these problems.

The author of this app, Alex Gervash, has over 10 years of experience helping thousands of people with different fears and phobias. He made all his knowledge and experience now available to everyone in this unique application that helps people to significantly improve their relationship with fear. There is no need for psychologists and expensive, long discussions about childhood. Here is what you need to eliminate phobias and panic attacks:

A. Here and now get the knowledge about the mechanisms of fear and panic, as well as the methods to control them (the e-book is provided inside the app).

B. Work on your response to the object of your fear and develop new reflexes, exposing yourselves to a frightening situation and using the techniques that you've just learned.

#No-Fear app helps you achieve these two goals in a fast and simple way.

First, become an expert in your fear. Recognize its causes. Get rid of the prejudices and false beliefs. Learn the correct response to fear or panic attack. Learn how to control fear and not let it control your life. A special section is dedicated to perfectionism and its impact on fears, anxiety, phobias and panic attacks.

Second, train your reflexes. Typically, phobias become reflexes, but, fortunately, any reflex can be replaced by another reflex. The app uses virtual reality technology and videos shot in 360 degrees to allow you to virtually experience frightening situations and train your reactions to them, using the already acquired skills. For the second stage of the course you will need virtual reality goggles.

The app perfectly works with:

  • Panic attacks and agoraphobia

  • Fear of heights

  • Claustrophobia

  • Aerophobia

  • Fear of speed/Instability

  • Vestibular problems

Do not let phobias and fears control your life. Learn to manage them!