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Our apps SkyGuru
Would you want to fly next to a professional pilot who would explain to you every sound, maneuver, or sensation on board? Would you want to have a professional aviation weather and turbulence forecast for your specific flight? Today new technologies allow all of that and more!

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Do you feel discomfort during a flight?

Are you just bored on board the airplane?

Or, perhaps, you love to fly and just want to learn more about aviation and understand it better?

SkyGuru provides passengers with detailed explanations of everything happening in flight in real time and keeps you busy on board.


Imagine sitting next to a pilot who could explain every sound, every turn, every sensation you are experiencing, notified you about any upcoming turbulent areas, and just turned your flying experience into a conscious process. SkyGuru – is your personal guide in the world of aviation.

SkyGuru was created by a professional pilot and fear of flying therapist Alex Gervash. The app receives information about your flight from professional aviation sources used by airlines. Next, SkyGuru combines the data from your mobile device sensors and the program algorithms to recognize flight stages and accompanies you the entire journey. It supports, teaches, comments on, and explains everything that’s going on during the flight. All in real time and in a flight mode.


Available for free:

  • Aviation weather forecast and its explanations for departure and arrival airports.

  • Turbulence forecast for the shortest route between two airports.

Available with flights purchases:

NEW! Interesting facts about landscapes and cities en-route;

NEW! Offline map, showing an approximate location of your airplane and route. This location is calculated and does not require GPS or internet.

NEW! Video course by Alex Gervash - SkyGuru’ founder, that will decrease any fear of flying (on flights >1,5 hrs).

NEW! GIF images illustrating how airplane mechanisms work in real time.

NEW! Seat recommendations on board according to the aircraft’s sunny / shadow side and a possibility to see a beautiful sunset/sunrise.

  • Forecasts of most turbulent areas en route, including approximate time of entry into and duration of each.

  • Description of weather conditions at the departure and arrival airports and explanations of how they may affect your sensations.

  • Calculation of the actual flight time considering current winds already 24 hrs prior to your flight

  • Real-time explanations of most sounds and “dropping” sensations which could worry the passengers.

  • Warnings about higher probability for going around due to current weather conditions.

  • Turbulence graph and current G-force values created by turbulence, as well as their difference from the overloads that the airplane is meant to withstand.

  • Flight speed and altitude, given a stable GPS signal (usually, available at a window seat).

  • Airplane’s nose positions relative to the horizon and the airplane’s maximum bank angle when entering a turn.

  • 3D airplane model of its relative position in space considering banks and turbulence.

  • Notification about expected maneuvers soon after take-off and shortly before landing.

  • Explanations of cabin procedures that passengers often wonder about, such as: “why does the light blink,” “why do we open window blinds”. All in real time.

  • Unique methods and exercises to assist passengers in overcoming fear and making their flight more comfortable.



  1. Speed and altitude are only available with the GPS signal.

  2. The app is designed to be used ONLY on a REAL flight.

  3. If you have any questions, we are always happy to assist 24/7. Please contact our support BEFORE submitting a review.

  4. Continuous use of GPS when running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.