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Online course + counseling support

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Online course + counseling support
Online - anywhere, anytime Online course + counseling support

Our full interactive program. A combination of our self-study innovative TAKEOFF course (21 lessons of knowledge, methods, techniques and self-control tools) together with the ongoing counseling support from one of us along the way via email / Skype. We use all our experience, as well as the newest technologies, including virtual reality system #no_fear to work on your reflexes and SkyGuru app (3 flights) for inflight support.

Price: From $299 RUB

The course includes:

  • Individual assessment via Skype, discussing your particular case and setting a personal plan of action.
  • Aviation: meteorology, aerodynamics, human factor, flight safety systems, and much more.
  • Panic and fear psychology. Fear of flying onset and its development. Fear physiology and self-control methods.
  • Working with the irrational aspect of fear of flying (reflex “airplane=fear”).
  • Analysis and correction of erroneous thinking patterns.
  • Takeoff, landing, turbulence, perfectionism and the link in between, how the weather affects flight safety, etc.
  • Perfectionism and how it relates to fear of flying
  • Claustrophobia and treatment methods
  • Continuous support and discussion of your progress and any questions you may have along the way with one of our specialists.
  • SkyGuru app (3 flights) that explains all the ongoing processes inflight, including airplane maneuvers, sounds, and your sensations on board. All in real time, in airplane mode.
  • Preparation consultations prior to your upcoming flight and debriefing sessions afterwards.
  • Support by our specialists for up to a year after the completion of the course.
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