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private VIP course
Fear of flying treatment by Alex Gervash 573 573
Offline - available world-wide private VIP course
  • Complete fear of flying treatment solution “A to Z”

  • Can take place anywhere in the world

  • Tailor-made private course arranged to your needs and your specific case

  • Newest simulators and technologies are used

  • Real assisted flight with one of our specialists to practice the skills that you’ve learned

  • Full support and assistance for up to one year after course completion

Private course. For those who feel limited by their phobia in reaching their highest goals and who need the personal treatment at any cost.

  • Assessment - helps to identify the specifics of your case. Preparation of tailor-made personal therapy program.
  • Preliminary work with accompanying disorders (claustrophobia, panic attacks, fear of heights, perfectionism, hypercontrol, vestibular system mistakes, and others).
  • Analysis and correction of false assumptions, such as: “I lose control over the situation once on board.” “But they still fall.” “What about the human factor!” “There is no chance to survive, if anything happens”, and a few dozens more.
  • Aviation Facts. Replacing fantasies with aviation knowledge. Aerodynamics, meteorology, piloting basics, safety system standards, and much more.
  • Understanding of emotional and physiological aspects of fear and panic mechanisms. Eliminating erroneous thinking schemes regarding them.
  • Learning self-control skills over stress / fear hormones.
  • Perfectionism (if present) and how it affects fear of flying. Recommendations on how to decrease its influence on life quality.
  • Working with the irrational aspect of fear of flying (the “airplane=fear” reflex).
  • Identifying the root causes of fear of flying. Usually, they are related to childhood traumas and one is not aware of them without addressing them specifically.
  • *Simulator training (flight in a cockpit) / No_Fear (virtual reality to train reflexes).
  • If needed - a flight on a light airplane as an intermediate step before a real flight on a regular airplane. Especially effective when fear of flying is caused by fear of a panic attack.
  • A real assisted flight with one of our specialists to practice everything learned.
  • Full support and assistance for up to one year after course completion.
*Upon availability at your location.
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