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How we can help

We know how to help you and your families gain that feeling of freedom once again. How to return that sense of control over your life, when YOU, and not the phobia are making the decisions.

What can you do that YOU and not the phobia would decide where and when to take a vacation, which work-related project to sign up for, Which emotions and memories will stay with you as you grow older - the fear that took over your life or the Victory over it. What is even more important, we know how to help you not to transfer your fears over to your children or repeat some of your parents’ mistakes.

We have all the necessary knowledge, methodologies, as well as new technologies to help you overcome the fear of flying. Years of experience and thousands of success stories of our graduates make The leading fear of flying treatment facility in the world.
Fear of flying treatment is a “puzzle” of multiple pieces. It is only when you put them all together, a result can be reached. It is impossible to overcome the fear of flying by simply having studied aerodynamics or just by seeing a psychologist. Only when gaining certain knowledge, about turbulence for example, and not just from some amateur, but from a professional pilot.
The problem needs to have a unique approach for everyone and cover both, aviation and psychological aspects. A vital role is also played by the technologies that allow us to remove the reflex “airplane = fear” and help to stop avoiding flights, even if you were used to doing it for years.

Here are just a few things that we would do together to help you overcome your fear:

Where does this fear come from? I used to fly fine before!

We focus on the roots of your phobia, instead of the conviction that “flying is dangerous”.

Nothing will ever help me, my fear is the most terrifying fear.

You’ve learned to be afraid of flying, which means that you can do the opposite - and learn to be not afraid.

Logically I understand everything, but that doesn’t help.

We identify false assumptions and replace them with the appropriate way of thinking regarding flights, control, fears, and more.

On the airplane I lose control over the situation, If something happens, there are no chances to survive, How can you trust someone you don’t know, But they still fall from the sky, But I can still end up being one of that 0.000001%!

We analyze and correct these false logic chains and dozens more.

I am not afraid that something might happen with the airplane, I am scared of a panic attack on board.

30% of the people are just like you. You’ll learn how to deal with panic disorder, claustrophobia, fear of fear, suspicion, and all of the other "cousins" of fear of flying.

How can I be calm when there are 6 miles of the abyss beneath us!

Aviation knowledge - how an airplane flies and what holds it up in the air, turbulence, meteorology, human factor, “what will happen if…”, safety systems, and much more. As a result, by the end of the course, you will become a semi-expert in aviation.

If I am so terrified, there has to be a reason for that. Perhaps, it is my intuition trying to warn me.

Stop! It is crucial to learn how to separate fears and risks.

I won’t be able to handle such an intense fear! I’ll lose self-control. I’ll feel shame in front of others.

You’ll learn about the mechanisms of fear and panic. What fear is all about, its physiology, hormones, psychological and emotional aspects. You’ll learn to control yourself, and not the airplane.

Air holes, mega-turbulence, and hyper banks.

Why do you see them but they don't even exist. How your vestibular system works and the mistakes it makes.

But something can go wrong!

We learn to control catastrophic thoughts that are typical for most people with the fear of flying. (Imagine that you are inserting a needle underneath your nail. Unpleasant, isn’t it? Yep! What are your sensations caused by? Exactly, your own fantasies. A similar process happens on an airplane. We’ll learn how to stop these thought patterns.)

I don’t understand anything when flying and cannot think “rationally”.

That’s right - with an increased amount of adrenalin no one can think logically. You’ll learn various techniques to automatically block fear on a physiological level (hormones included!).

I try not to fly unless it is necessary, I never look outside the window, I always listen to the engine sounds.

We’ll also switch your phobic behavior to an ordinary person’s behavior, who is about to use a regular transport, which airplane is indeed considered to be.

You will get special recommendations in case you have perfectionism + fear of flying. During the therapy, we may also use Virtual reality - flight preparation computer system on the ground. Upon your wish and readiness, we can organize an assisted flight together with one of our specialists.

These and other knowledge, methods and techniques have already helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to overcome their fear of flying forever. However, there are millions of more people with the fear of flying who haven’t taken the treatment course yet. They continue to claim “my case is unique” and “nothing will help me”. It’s only up to you to decide where you want to belong. From our side, we will provide all the necessary knowledge and support to guide you along. Ready to start?

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