Do you consider flying a dangerous thing?

Then why is it not considered as such at Maho Beach In St. Maarten, where planes come in for landing only a few meters over the beach? ⠀

And if there are “pits” in which the plane can “fall”, then why no plane has ever “fallen” on the heads of people on this beach for decades? ⠀

It is unlikely that in the St. Maarten neglect the lives of their citizens, right?
Because flying is not a DANGER, and #fearofflying has nothing to do with risks/accidents/danger. ⠀

Fear of flying is just the tip of the iceberg, it's a signal from your mentality – “I can't have this anymore”. Your fear of flying is the consequence of your anxious hypochondriac psychotype and a total lack of trust in life. ⠀

What about accidents? Well, they happen everywhere, but in aviation, they happen much less often.