Fear of turbulence

Fear of turbulence is one of the most frequent manifestations of an anxiety. Turbulence is especially hard for perfectionists.

There are many reasons for this, and they all lie in the realm of psychology.

From an aviation point of view, any turbulence is absolutely safe for the aircraft and for the restrained passengers. For unbuckled passengers, severe turbulence can result in bruises or even fractures, but that only happens a few times a year around the world.
If turbulence is your worst fear and most terrifying terror:

  • Install the "Flight Buddy: Calm down&Fly" app: during the flight, we indicate locations where it may occur and assess its intensity.
  • Learn it like a mantra: "Turbulence is a matter of comfort, but not safety.
  • Think about it: especially strong turbulence happens in summer, close to the ground due to uneven air heating by the ground surface. So, why don't birds that fly in turbulence all day, every day, and all summer, fall from the sky to the ground because of turbulence? Why doesn't the turbulence flip them upside down? Why don't they fall hundreds of meters "into the pits" and in general, how do they live in complete comfort with turbulence?
  • The point is that birds, like airplanes, fly inside the air that moves. Both do not resist the air and its movements, but move with it, within it. Therefore, nothing happens to birds or airplanes in turbulence of any force.

‼️ Remember that logic and common sense are of little help with phobias, and you should not rely on them. Instead, it's worth taking a full course and dealing with the real causes of the fear of turbulence by addressing the cause rather than trying to fight the symptoms.