A380-800 brake system test

When talking about test by car, plane or train manufacturers, we can see just everything. The tests seem to have no end and even when the tiniest piece of technology has been modified or changed, the machine undergoes a sort of test. They can be brake tests, crash tests and much more. What you are about to see in the video is exactly that i.e. a brake test done on the wheels used for the Airbus A380-800.

The brakes being tested are for an Airbus A380-800, which weighs in at more than one million pounds. The object of the test was to have the plane stop itself at landing speed in about 1200 meters (roughly 3600 feet). Using a massive flywheel and a tire and brake setup, the test requires the brakes to do the job exactly as they would have to on the ground.

When the huge flywheel comes into contact with the tire to simulate touchdown note the distortion from the force and then pay close attention to the brake caliper and rotor because they really start working their asses off and quickly heat up to something akin to the surface of the sun.

This is bad ass engineering at work!