Can an airplane wing break?

In this video, rare footage of aircraft wing stress testing is shown.

A 2.5-ton wing moves with an amplitude of 5.2 meters in each direction (totaling 10.5 meters!), and its integrity remains intact. Such an amplitude is approximately 150% of the hypothetical maximum (for instance, during severe thunderstorms, situations we never encounter in real life).
To be strong, any material must be flexible. This is why aircraft wings "wave" in turbulence. It's not a sign of their unreliability, as many people with fear of flying believe, but quite the opposite.

Our psyche is structured similarly. Strength requires flexibility.

Most people with fear of flying exhibit perfectionism and rigidity. These traits are not compatible with a flexible psyche. Strict rules and norms, clear, unambiguous, and numerous demands on oneself and others, excessive criticism and self-criticism - all make the psyche less flexible over time. But remember, inflexible things break quickly, while flexible ones withstand immense pressure.

By the way, one distinguishing feature of people with panic attacks is a lack of flexibility. A panic attack is an indicator that the psyche couldn't handle the stress and "broke".

About conforming to “WHAT IS” vs what your think “MUST BE” - think about this video.