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Parallel departure

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Parallel departure

On this video, you can see what we call a parallel departure. Sometimes in large airports, two runways are used simultaneously in order to speed up the traffic. Thus, there are two takeoffs per minute. And there are many of these airports. 280 thousand (!) flights a day take off and in 99.9999999% cases land without incident.

Why am I telling you this? To make you think about the following:

To a fearful flyer it seems that “My plane is the very one that will crash. It is me who will be in that 0.0000001%.” Why do they think they will be “that very plane”?

The answer to this question should be sought in childhood. We see that 95% of fearful flyers grew up in families where one parent was very anxious and the other one was rigid, authoritarian or emotionally cold and aloof.

The child’s brain understands that such relationship takes place in his / her family, but it’s not present in the lives of their friends, schoolmates, etc. A mental setting “if something bad can happen somewhere, it will happen with me” is written. If someone somewhere is punished, humiliated, criticized — it is he / she. No one else.

Unfortunately, anxious flyers live with this attitude throughout their lives. And make up illusions which help them not to be punished, ashamed, criticized, humiliated.

Those illusions include “I control everything”, “I trust no one”, “I will do everything perfectly” or if these illusions are unavailable — “I can always run away”.

In an airplane, all those illusions are unavailable. So the mentality switches on the old setting “I will be the very one”.

That’s why treating fear of flying is not about airplanes. It is about breaking life-long pathological patterns. We in #flyingwithoutfear know how to do it best of all. And we do. Of course, if a person decides to act and not to repeat for years “nothing will help me”.

Have you recognized this in yourself? Then act.

It is time to cut the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck, which still strangles you and deprives you of the joy of life.

Contact us via direct messages, we will call you and map out a plan of action. I promise you will enjoy these changes. The courses are available right now. Online. From any point in the world. It’s never too late to change.

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