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How to get rid of claustrophobia on the plane?

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How to get rid of claustrophobia on the plane?
Claustrophobia in an airplane is one fear you might have while flying. The problem can be “single” – when a person is only afraid of closed spaces, or it can also be combined with other problems. For example, a person may fear that something might happen to the airplane. In both cases, these difficulties can be eliminated.
Claustrophobia is a fairly common type of fear when flying. The reasons that cause the problem lie in the field of genetics, education, wrong thinking and other reasons. Claustrophobia often goes together with panic attacks – episodes of uncontrollable panic with increased pulse, lump in the throat, lack of air, waves of heat and cold, sweating and other manifestations. So, some people fear for their health. Also they are often afraid to lose control and to get hysterical. However, one should not reach such a degree of panic.
Most of the advice from the Internet on eliminating claustrophobia in the plane does not work. It is because they appeal to the rational component, but rational information does not help with phobias. As well as advice “to think of good things” or “to relax”. For forum visitors, it is difficult to understand the other person, if they did not face the problem themselves and even if they did, their advice might still harm instead of helping. Today, flight claustrophobia is eliminated with the help of so-called cognitive behavioral therapy. This approach works with thoughts, physiology and behavior of people. The result is that the unwanted emotion goes away. In the “Flying without fear” center, you can choose the right program and get rid of the fear of flying! All cases are different, and flight claustrophobia is not the easiest one, however, thousands of the stories of our graduates prove that you can eliminate any phobia. Even if the fear lasted for decades.

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