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What to do if you are scared to fly on a plane?

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What to do if you are scared to fly on a plane?

Every day about a quarter of the adult population of our planet ask themselves this question. Fear of air travel can manifest in different ways, it can have a different nature and extent. Usual pre-flight jitters and nervousness from anticipation of something new are things you can handle on your own with no special difficulty. But as for the real phobia of flights, in most cases, you’ll need help of a specialist to cope with it. Our center for the study and treatment of fear of flying “Flying without fear” is a place where the best experts in this field have gathered. Applying to us, you will receive support from experienced psychologists, first-hand knowledge from the pilots about the principles of work of air transport, about real and imaginary dangers and much more.

What to do if you are scared to fly on a plane?

Applying to specialists in this field is the best decision that will bring quick and high-quality result. If you are not ready to share this problem with a psychologist, try to begin with exploring the nature of your fear by yourself. The phobia of flying on an airplane may be caused by many factors:

  • air crashes covered by media;
  • accidents with your loved ones;
  • presence of accompanying phobias;
  • lack of understanding of the mechanism of air travel;
  • urge to control the situation and inability to trust other people (in this case, the crew);
  • many other.

Here are the most common causes of fear of flying. Everyone of us is unique, that’s why only individual work with a specialist will help identify the exact cause of this disease.

You can explore the available information in the internet on how to overcome the fear of flying on an airplane. But be prepared that together with useful articles and videos you will also see false facts and terrifying statistics. Because of the large amount of available information, you will have to filter it thoroughly.

What to do with phobia of flying onboard the airplane?

Many people, who are afraid to fly, try to avoid traveling by air transport. But there are also those who have no choice and in the line of duty they have to apply to air carriers. Panic fear of the aircraft can be overcome or at least temporarily drown out. To do so, you can:

  • Distract yourself. Read a book, listen to your favorite music, watch captivating shows or movies. Your brain at this moment will be busy processing other information and it will not have time to panic.
  • Fall asleep. This method is often used by those who travel a lot. They can even reduce their sleep time (or deprive themselves of it at all) the night before the flight, so that when they get into a comfortable chair, they could relax and wake up during landing already.
  • Meditate, recite a mantra or convince yourself that you have no fear of planes. If your flight is going to be short, then immersing into such a relaxed state will perfectly cope with your problem. Remember that the aircraft was created by professionals, is piloted also by experienced professionals and that your panic harms only you and does not affect the situation from the outside.
  • Study the statistics and mechanism of functioning of air transport. An airplane is the safest type of transport and one should not be afraid of it. The probability of a car accident is hundreds of times greater, but we use cars and buses every day. When you understand how exactly a multi-ton metal construction moves, you will feel calmer.
  • Arrange a shopping spree or a photo shoot before your travel. Looking over the purchases, browsing the photos and manipulating them you won’t even notice how the time of your flight will sweep without fear.

If you’ve done everything you could do on your own, but still haven’t found a solution to your problem, give yourself a real freedom with the course from the center “Flying without fear”, sign up right now!

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