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Are there any pills for fear of flying?

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Are there any pills for fear of flying?
Almost one out of three passengers is afraid to fly on a plane. There are different ways to fight this fear. However, people often begin to take a sedative for fear of flying. Some ask their doctor for the recipe, and others even prescribe pills for fear of flying themselves. Taking special medications is attractive because of the speed of their action and ease of use. It seems that nothing could be easier. Feel a surge of anxiety – take the magic pill – and there is no fear of flying anymore, and then you can calmly fly to the ends of the earth.
In fact, everything is much more complicated. No pill will help you cope with a fear of flying. The medication will only mask the symptoms of fear of flying for a short period, But your brain will register a frightening situation. The subconscious mind will keep the memory that the flight was very scary and dangerous. You even had to take the pills. As a result, each subsequent flight will turn into an even bigger stress for your organism. At a certain stage, the pills will stop working, and you will not be able to take control of subconscious fears on your own. At this stage, people often refuse to fly at all. The symptoms of the problem of fear of flying are clear: rapid heartbeat, trembling limbs, chest pain, intense sweating and other similar manifestations. Pills from fear of flying do help to remove or minimize these symptoms. However, it is not them that we must fight. To get rid of the phobia successfully you need to find and correct mistakes in thinking, which are the true cause of the fear.
How to cope with fear of flying? By today, we have helped thousands of people to find the answer to this question. First, do not run from fear – physically, from the plane, or mentally, with the help of drugs. Admit that there is a problem and you want to deal with it. Find out what caused the fear in your case – the specialists of our center will help you with this, by phone or email. Understand what steps you will need to take to get rid of the phobia and take them. Please call us or write us, we will be happy to help you!

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