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Aerophobia, or fear of flying

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Fear of flying

Fear of Flying - the most common psychological disorder in the world - about 30% of population suffer from it.

About 30% of our planet’s population suffer from fear of flying. Like any other phobia - aerophobia, or fear of flying, has nothing to do with risks or flight safety. As if it would, it would have been called aeroLOGIC, don't you think so? Aerophobia is caused by some combination of those factors - genetic anxiety, life trust deficit, suspicion, lack of emotional connection with parents during upbringing, psychological traumas, life’s stresses, erroneous thinking, and much more. In 99% of the cases, fear of flying is a manifestation of other psychological disorders, such as hyper-control, perfectionism, panic attacks, constant obligation, and distrust. In about half of all the fear of flying cases the object of fear is not the airplane, but one’s psychological or physiological state on board the airplane (fear of a panic attack, loss of self-control, shame, condemnation, a heart attack caused by extreme fear, etc.). At the same time, those who suffer from fear of flying would first deny that the problem is within them, trying to find logical explanations in “high risks” or “the poor state of the aviation industry". This, of course, only aggravates the problem. The person then limits him- or herself and their family of the most important value - freedom. The freedom of moving around, as well as the freedom of choice. This affects their self-esteem, leads to the development of other fears, panic attacks, and other phobias. Fear of flying - is a well-known phenomenon and can be easily treated. The key problem for people suffering from the fear of flying - is avoidance, and not only avoidance of flying, but also of treatment. Due to suspiciousness and trust deficit, patients tend to think “nothing will help me”, which dooms them and their families to have many more years of fear of flying to come. However, when consulting a specialist, fear of flying can be treated within just a few days.