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Overcoming Fear of Flying: The Ebook!

Your fear is conquerable! All you need is a little help to overcome feeling fearful. Lots of people feared flying and now they’re flying with no problem, having taken off with their fear, abolished, behind them.

It’s not easy though, to get over fear right away, and one needs a little practice and build-up of understanding in the way fear psychologically clings to our consciousness. The way we strengthen ourselves towards direct therapy is by simple reading of material and digesting it, consciously and unconsciously.

I offer you my private newsletter. It will help you understand your feelings better and will help you subside and process your anxiety better.

When you feel ready to proceed, I will be here to offer more help and step by step teach you how to have a better life, a life without fear of flying.


About Alex Gervash

Alex holds the unique position of being a pilot as well as a psychologist, offering an inside understanding of fear and flight. Being a Jerusalem University (Israel) graduate, as well as a US and EU licensed commercial pilot with over 20 years of flight experience behind him, Alex successfully treated more than 7000 people with fear of flying, from more than 15 countries and still counting.