Fear of flying has a strong impact on a lot of aspects of our life and it reduces their quality significantly. It causes other mental problems and can negatively affect both, professional and personal life. This problem can be solved. Unfortunately, only 0,1% of those who experience it get the actual treatment.

The reason thing is that most of the people having with aerophobia also experience general mistrust to the world and the people around them. They don’t trust the crew, the plane manufacturer, the airline, etc. Nor do they trust the people who are trying to help them or believe it is ever possible to cure their fear. So that’s why most of the people could overcome their phobia by getting professional help, but only 0,1% will actually do it.

I will help you overcome your phobia and enjoy your new life if you are willing and bу ready to deal with this mistrust. I know very well what we should do as I have helped more than 7000 people before.

With my mentorship you will become an expert in both aviation and psychology. You will learn about aviation system and safety. As well as how to cope with your emotions and physiological reactions of your body. But that only comprises half of success.

We will then talk about some logical mistakes, such as: “inability to control the situation” and “no ways of getting help”, which most of the people with aerophobia usually make.

And even if you’re used to not flying at all, I will help you start doing this calmly and naturally. If necessary, I will even accompany you on your first flight to make sure everything works fine for you.

To start, you only need to take a test and contact me today. We will talk over your specific case and make a customized program to suit your needs. Already after taking this first step you will feel some relief and will be on your way to a life free of fear and limitations.

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