Our Fear of Flying Technologies


Our Fear of Flying Technologies


We have developed several apps that can help you get started in dealing with fears, phobias, and panic attacks. These tools are meant to assist you in the process, however, they are not meant for treatment. Fear of flying is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive solution. Read more about how the therapy works here.  


SkyGuru (lite version):
provides aviation weather forecast for departure and arrival airports, as well as turbulence forecast for the shortest route to your destination. Read more


SkyGuru Pro:
gives weather and turbulence forecast for your exact route, real time detailed
explanations and commentary on every process during the flight, aviation facts
and psychological tips to make your flight more calm and informative. Read more


takes you on a guided flight in a cockpit with pilots explaining everything that is
happening in real time. With the help of VR glasses and 360-degree videos you’ll be able to switch between a pilot’s view or a passenger’s seat view to compare the experience. Learn more


teaches you everything you need to know about fears and phobias and what causes them. Through special videos and VR glasses you will train an appropriate reaction to fear and panic attacks and develop new reflexes to control your state. Learn more


iOs users can download SkyGuru