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For 30% of population flying is a rather uncomfortable, and for some — simply terrifying experience. For these people planning the next vacation becomes dreadful. New and exciting projects at work that require traveling add unnecessary anxiety and are rather be avoided. Personal and professional relationships are often affected.


There may be different reasons for development of the fear of flying: lack of aviation knowledge, feeling out of control, or a history of panic attacks. Most significant reasons though are psychological: anxiety, distrust of life, lack of emotional link with the parents, mistakes in thought logic, various psychological traumas, and life stresses. In about 50% of aerophobia cases the object of fear is not the airplane itself, but the person’s psychological or emotional state on board (a feeling of being out of control, fear of shame, or having a heart attack because of fear, etc.).  


The good news is that with new technologies available today there are more ways now to help anxious passengers to overcome their fear. Alex Gervash — a pilot, psychologist, and fear of flying treatment specialist, has developed a groundbreaking app — SkyGuru, which helps such passengers to improve their flying experience. This app was chosen by CondeNast Traveller as one of top-10 best tips for traveller in all times.


SkyGuru acts like a pilot sitting next to an anxious passenger and explaining all the processes that are taking place during flight. Studies show that for people who experience the fear of flying it is easy to be carried away by catastrophic thoughts and fantasies if panic occurs. It is then difficult to perceive the situation adequately. SkyGuru helps to keep expectations in check. It provides all the necessary details for the trip and helps anxious passengers to stay in the moment, focusing on what’s happening right then and there. The app provides detailed information before and during the particular flight about weather and turbulence forecasts and how they affect flight experience, as well as about aviation safety and other useful tips.


SkyGuru downloads all the necessary information from professional aviation sources before the flight and then works in real time in airplane mode. It uses iPhone sensors to identify different stages and processes during the flight. All the professional weather and turbulence forecast, smart tips, and aviation facts are written in a simple language that is easily understood by everybody. “What weather is expected en route?” “Why does the airplane “jump” after takeoff?” “Why is our flight delayed?” “Should the aircraft make a turn before landing?” “Is the bank angle normal or too steep?” “How strong is the turbulence now?” “Why are the lights switched off before landing? What is that strange sound?” SkyGuru helps answer all of these questions and many others that usually worry anxious passengers.


The app, of course, is not meant to treat the phobia completely. Aerophobia is a complex psychological disorder and requires an in depth approach. However, for those with a mild fear of flying or those who have already undertaken a course, SkyGuru can be a great tool and a retainer to continue to improve their flying experience.  


To learn more about how SkyGuru can help you overcome the fear of flying, visit www.myskyguru.com or send us your questions by email.


iOs Users can download the SkyGuru app here


iOs users can download SkyGuru