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SkyGuru makes understanding aviation weather easy


One of the things that considerably worries fearful flyers is the weather on the day of the departure. The reason being is that everyone knows that the weather somehow affects turbulence. And turbulence for a fearful flyer is truly a “nightmare”. “Why is the plane shaking so much?” “Is it just turbulence or something is wrong with the plane?” “How much and for how long will we have turbulence today?” “Is it safe to fly when it’s raining / snowing / hailing, etc.?” These and many other weather-related questions often worry a typical anxious passenger.


We can generally divide people into two groups by how much information they require to cope with stress: those who are monitors and those who are blunters. The first group wants to know everything, whereas the second — prefers to know nothing. For example, if someone who is a monitor has to undergo a surgery, they would want to know all the details about it: how is it going to happen exactly, which scalpel is going to be used, how deep is going to be the cut, which thread will be used to saw up the cut, etc. On the contrary, for a blunter the more details they know, the more anxious they will become. They would just want to wake up once the operation is over.


Fearful flyers, for the most part, belong to that first group of monitors — they often suffer when not enough information is available before or during the flight. Knowing what to expect is crucial for them in order to reduce anxiety. Thus, understanding the weather and how it may affect the flight and sensations on board would help set such expectations. And for many, improve their flying experience.


Aviation weather is difficult to understand for anyone not in the field, but especially for an anxious flyer. No one seems to know how to explain it clearly to you. No one seems to care enough. Not even an airline that you seemed to choose so carefully. However, with the new technological advances understanding the aviation weather has become accessible to everyone. SkyGuru app has been developed specifically for that reason — to provide anxious passengers with the weather and turbulence forecast and plain language explanation to alleviate the unnecessary stress from not knowing what to expect.


The free version of the app allows anyone to obtain professional weather forecast for the departure and arrival cities, as well as a turbulence forecast based on the shortest route between two airports. Along with detailed explanations of how certain conditions may affect your flying experience, SkyGuru adopts professional aviation terms to simple, easy to understand language. Until recently this professional data was available to pilots only. SkyGuru made it accessible to all, helping especially fearful flyers to gain a better understanding and thus, to reduce the anxiety.


To learn more about how SkyGuru can help you overcome the fear of flying, visit www.myskyguru.com or send your questions to: service@phobia.aero


iOs Users can download free SkyGuru version here

iOs users can download SkyGuru