Why is a toilet room the safest place of a plane?

15/07 Why is a toilet room the safest place of a plane?

About fear of flightWhen an anxious and suspicious person, suffering from a fear of flight, enters a plane, all illusions get lost. The illusions, required for such person to feel safe and calm. What are these illusions?

  • First of all, an illusion of absolute safety. Why is it only the illusion? Just because there is no absolute safety at all! But we feel COMFORTABLE while thinking that it does exist. For example – at our home.
  • An illusion of having a control over a situation. We like thinking that we can constantly control everything. For example – in the car.
  • An illusion of opportunity to escape. For example — «I can always escape if something happens to a train».

After losing these illusions (by the way, they don’t exist for people of not an anxious-suspicious type), and feeling no flight safety, many people become panic-stricken.

A plane is being perceived as a dangerous place just because there is no absolute safety on it, no control over a situation and opportunity to escape. Or, at least, the illusion of that.
Brain gives a command to the body «It’s dangerous, run!» But there’s nowhere to run. Panic!

What most people start doing in case of panic? Instead of controlling themselves, they choose a strategy «I’m not here». So they try to persuade themselves that they are NOT BEING ON A PLANE! And the best thing that suits this purpose is a toilet room. There is a habitual water closet in it, and lack of those «horrible» views. That’s why most people suffering from a fear of flying feel relief while being in a toilet room. I mean not the kind of relief that this place is designed for.

But wait! If the fear of flight seems to you to be related to the allegedly higher risk on a plane, then how can it be that the risk in a toilet room is lower than, for example, while sitting in the 22nd row?

Exactly, it can’t be so. Then why the fear gets lower while being there? It’s because the fear is not related to the risks or threats anyhow. It lives «its own life» and according to its own rules. And the fear gets lower in a toilet room only by the reason that it’s not related to the reality anyhow.

Take the courses and get rid of it, as surely as thousands of other people have already done it. Fear of flying is an absolutely needless “pleasure” in your life:

www.www.phobia.aero — go ahead and use a toilet room on a plane only for its designed purpose)))



Alex Gervash

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