15/07 Human factor in aviation

Plane is being flown by human. And a human can make a mistake. It is a fact, and world aviation knows that perfectly well. Among the most common worries of people with fear of flying – there is a probability of a disastrous air crash just because of mistake made by some unknown person, sitting in a cockpit. Let’s see are these worries backed by actual facts....

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15/07 «I can’t control anything while being on a plane»

People like thinking that they, and nobody else, have a control over a situation. Research suggested that many people filling in sports lottery tickets and playing roulette try to influence the winning odds by using some selection of numbers, which are allegedly «meaningful». People playing backgammon try to control the result throwing the dice stronger in case they need to get big numbers. Most people believe that the possibility of dying in road accident is considerably lower if they're driving the car....

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15/07 Fear of flying and perfectionism

Perfectionism (human aspiration for perfection) is a serious psychological problem. A perfectionist is always eager to be the best, sets only supreme goals and achieves them PERFECTLY. Gold medal, degree with honors – these are the inherent attributes of people, who tend to the perfectionism. A perfectionist denies the very possibility of failure, because any failure is unacceptable in the eyes of such person. From a perfectionist’s point of view, it’s just impossible to put up with a fiasco....

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