How to overcome fear of flight: 21 bits of advice for those who fear flying

15/07 How to overcome fear of flight: 21 bits of advice for those who fear flying

The mass media often overwhelms  fearful fliers with the kind of «Scared about flying?  think happy thoughts, not sad ones» or «breath  deeply» and other similar, not much effective  bits of advice.  Having an experience of more than 7000 treated anxious fliers  from 15 countries, I’ve prepared something more effective for you.  Reading following advice and using it, you’ll be able to  make the forthcoming flights less disturbing  and more comfortable.

So, let’s start by talking about things we should NOT do, and that WON’T help you to get rid of the fear of flying.

BEFORE a flight:

1) You should not avoid flying or choose places that don’t require planes to get to. It will only intensify the phobia several-fold, and the next time you’ll have to fly, the fear will be much stronger.

2) You’ve decided to fly? That’s great! You shouldn’t try to «stop thinking» about the forthcoming flight. Here you can read the detailed discussion why:

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3) You should not seek the information about the safest planes, airlines, seats and so on. Such behavior only strengthens your fear. On ANY plane, airline or seat.

4) Make no reckoning of turbulence, clouds and weather on the day of your flight. Aviation meteorology is definitely not your strong point and without understanding it, you can only make your condition worse. Turbulence is a natural state of a plane during a flight, and the less you think about that, the better.

5) Don’t investigate air crashes and their causes. It’s a singular event, but the more weight you give to it, the stronger your fear.


6) Don’t use alcohol and tranquilizers. All of this is the means of psychological estrangement from the flight situation. If we estrange ourselves from something, it will be always perceived by our mind as «bad» and «dangerous».

7) Don’t try to control a plane – Millions of flights take place every year somehow, without your control, right? Learn to control yourself.

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8) Don’t try to find any confirmation that «everything is fine with a plane» following the expressions on the faces of flight attendants or the voice of captain. Flight attendant  probably can have her own troubles, not related  in any way to aviation safety, right?  it’s only your fantasy that links her face expression to your flight.

9) DO NOT try to take your mind off fear by reading a magazine, talking to a fellow passenger or watching a movie. While having a high adrenaline level, you will hardly be able to understand what is written there, the movie plot or the meaning of the conversation. But your brain will memorize that flying is bad due to your attempts to take your mind off it.

10) Don’t grasp at the armrests as soon as you feel the slightest turbulence. By doing this, you give a false command of danger to the mind.

And now let’s talk about things that will HELP you to bear a flight more easily than before:

1) Start preparing for a flight AHEAD OF TIME, not putting it away for later. Four to six weeks — is a minimum period that is required for learning the new information and for a major change of the attitude to a flight.

2) Get as much information as possible about aerodynamics and aviation safety. You should know and understand about how a plane flies, long before you find yourselves aboard.  Consider taking our online course to replace fantasies with deep knowledge nd understanding of both aviation and your own fear system.

3) If you have an iPhone or iPad — register to be first to download our brand new app «SkyGuru». It dramatically changes flying experience for anxious fliers.

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Use it during a flight!

4) Enroll to and complete it!  This is an interactive fear-of-flying treatment course. It totally  changes the way you perceive flights.

5) If you have problems with your vestibular system, an iPhone/iPad application «Flight Monitor» will help you.

If you don’t have an iPhone/iPad, instead of this application you can use a glass with water, standing on a table ahead of you. By water motion in it,  you can see the actual plane’s roll-off and «buffet» level in turbulence zones.

6) If you’re a perfectionist and the most fearful thing for you during a flight is turbulence – take a special course «Turbulence, perfectionism and the connection between them».  This course is also a part of interactive fear of flying treatment course.

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7) Learn more about the mechanism of human fear and panic. If you suffer from panic attacks – learn everything about it BEFORE the flight. Become a «mini-expert» in this field.

8) If you haven’t taken flights for a long time and don’t know how will you feel during the next one, you can check it by simply watching a lot of  takeoff videos on youtube. Since a phobia is a reflex, you can feel very anxious even while watching a video. But this is also an opportunity to try self-control procedures, as taught in our interactive course.

9) While being aboard be  «here and now». Be fully aware and explain to yourself all the processes that take place at the moment.

10) Keep your muscles relaxed, and breathe slowly. It will decrease the adrenaline level.

11) If you suffer from grave fear of flying – get an expert assistance. The idea of «taking the courses right before a flight» is fatally flawed. The sooner you’ll do it, the easier you’ll cope with the fear, the better result you’ll achieve before a flight. And conversely, the longer you make a decision, the harder is the situation. Unwittingly the problem starts touching upon not only the matters of flight but also the other aspects of your life.

I know the way you feel, what you think and when – and I know what to do with this absolutely needless disorder! Join thousands of our graduates:

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