DJ Dimal , Malta

19/08 DJ Dimal , Malta

testimonial«Hi everyone, here is my story. I have been living on Malta for 9 years, and though I had a Schengen visa and could buy flight tickets for travelling through Europe at a low price, I didn’t fly because I was a hopeless aerophobe, and every time when I could feel any buffet during a flight I began praying or tried to talk to flight attendants in order to calm down. I didn’t believe in the training course, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a ticket for 6 months, but finally, when I had to fly in Miami, after studying all information about the plane, its engines, the airline and so on, I bought a ticket (it seems so funny to me now), one month before the flight I bought the course, and upon its completing I was favorably impressed, because it really helped me.

The flight: Malta -> France (Paris), slightly less than 3 hours. The elastic band was put on me (graduates know what I mean), I took my seat and began waiting) the captain told that it would be severe turbulence over the Alps, “that’s just great” – I thought)))) ok, the flight, there were 3 free seats, I stretched myself out on them and put a glass with water on a seat near to me – the plane seemed to be bumping, though the water in the glass was barely moving. I was beating myself with elastic band, feeling that everything was turning upside down inside me, but every time when I looked at the glass it was fine) As a result, in the context of my HEAD (MIND) I have born the flight very good, but my physical feelings were awful of course) The flight: Paris -> Miami, nine and a half hours, frightening thoughts (twiddling the elastic band), I called to Alex, talked to him and calmed down a little, I had a dread of flying over the ocean, though I wasn’t afraid to fly over Europe, as I knew there was always a possibility to land on somewhere…. But Alex explained me everything in a simple phrase, big ups to him. I was nervous about heavy buffet over the ocean because of different temperature of the air and so on… great respect for people telling the truth…. heavy buffet?

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I said “ok, it is ok”…. The plane was enormous, about 400 passenger spaces or more, I bought a ticket, got a window seat and I was lucky again: 3 free seats next to me….. The service of AirFrance is great… Of course, nine and a half hours is real heavy, I used to take double dose of pills before, as I had already had a flight to Miami, which took 10 hours, but this time I said goodbye to pills at the moment of leaving my house in MALTA… sitting during the flight… turbulence… the water in the glass was barely moving again))))) Discomfort in my stomach… I started twiddling the ELASTIC BAND))))) We had four meals during the flight, but I hardly could eat, because my body was disobeying to me…. A feeling of heavy buffet, an unwavering gaze at the glass… everything ok, constantly twiddling the elastic band….. I played a gaming console for a short while, watched some movies, of course I didn’t manage to fall asleep, so I decided to walk along the gangway (THOUGH I HAD NEVER LEFT MY SEAT BEFORE BECAUSE I BELIEVED THAT MY WEIGHT COULD SHIFT THE CENTER OF GRAVITY) ((of course, it seems rather funny to me now LOL)) The most comedy began on the sixth hour of flight, when a pilot left the cockpit and started walking about the plane…. different frightening thoughts came to my mind, but the elastic band helped me to cope with them. PS So here is my story, I have been on the island for 9 years without any leaving, except two times, which were very difficult to me…. I was trapped on the island because of MY OWN FEAR…. but I showed a middle finger to this fear and changed myself, my attitude towards life, as during the course I learned a lot not only about planes…. the most important thing that I got was Freedom, which had been taken away by MY OWN FEAR!!!! It sounds stupid, isn’t it?

I’m extremely grateful to Alex Gervash for the knowledge I gained owing to him, for the experience he shared with me, and for the support he gave me any time when I asked him to help.


DJ Dimal , Malta


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