Fearing the forthcoming flight?

15/07 Fearing the forthcoming flight?

I have two pieces of news for you: as usual, one is good, and one is bad.

Let’s start with the bad one:

If you choose a strategy «not to think about that», then most likely you will experience a panic attack on a plane.

And now, good news:

If you change the strategy, then most likely you won’t experience it. And even if it happens, you’ll easily cope with it.
Why «trying not to think» is the right way to dread and panic? Nowadays a flight on a plane is a wonderful, safe and secure process. At least, it is much safer than most of other routine processes we face daily without any fear. But because of your flight phobia, it’s while being on a plane you perceive yourself as being in the zone of the highest risk. And like any sane person you try to avoid the thing that brings you sufferings.
And when it’s impossible to avoid something, but you still have time left before sufferings – you’re trying «not to think about that». That is also naturally.
The problem is that we try «not to think» only about awful things. And as you «try not to think» about a plane, your mind draws a conclusion. And naturally, the conclusion is that a plane is an awful thing. It’s fearful. It’s horrible. And it’s dangerous. And when your mind realizes that there is no time left to avoid thinking (the flight is tomorrow-today-now), it will react. In the way as it has to respond in case of getting into bad, horrible and dangerous situations. In other words – by fear and panic.

So what should you do?

Apparently, if «not thinking» leads to panic, you need to think. But how? That is exactly that happening at our courses. We analyze every mistake of thinking of people with a fear of flight and teach them how to think in a different way. The way of thinking that based on facts and reality instead of illusions and fears. We train our graduates exactly to THINK. To think not in the way as a person with a fear of flying thinks, but as other 80% of people do while being on a plane, and even to think better and more qualitative. Precisely this way of «thinking» instead of «trying not to think» makes the difference between panic attack and slight discomfort during a flight, as evidenced by many of our graduates.
Learn to think right now. The course explains all possible mistakes of thinking and gives you clear instructions how to control your thinking instead of «trying not to think about that».


Alex Gervash

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