And what if the engines will fail?

15/07 And what if the engines will fail?

fearless flightWhat will happen in case of engines failures of a plane? Is there a chance to avoid an air crash? These are the questions bothering most passengers.

Despite the quick development of aviation, some people still believe that air carriers rely only on «a bit of luck». It is considered that engine failure of a plane with subsequent air crash or flawless operation of all systems and smooth landing – is like a game of chance. Those people, who completed my courses, now fully understand that this statement has absolutely nothing to do with reality. Even if all engines are failed during a flight, the pilots have another effective aircraft control techniques. Passenger airliners are able to glide in case of engines failures. Every present-day pilot, who completed training, can land a plane safely and accurately even under such conditions.

Engine failure during a take-off

An aircraft is designed in such a way, that engine failure during a take-off doesn’t lead to an air crash. The other motors’ power is enough for lifting an aircraft up in the air and climbing at the safe altitude in order to fly over an airport. Of course, such climbing requires pilots’ concentration, calmness and accurateness. But nevertheless, pilots have no difficulties while following the instructions.

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If you haven’t taken my courses yet and can’t imagine what influence has engine failure of a plane on the actions of pilots, watch the video.

((((((video A340 inflight engine failure))))

fly without anxiety

aviation knowledge

This will help you to understand the pilots’ behavior in case of real problems.

So, you can reassure yourselves that atmosphere in a cockpit is rather calm. There is no panic. Pilots act clearly and consistently. They fully control their own actions and plane’s behavior. It’s due to:

  • There are specific algorithms of actions for crew, established for each emergency situation. In case of some or other fault identification, specialists don’t panic, but follow the instruction;
  • All possible emergency situations and correct ways of their overcoming have been repeatedly practiced by pilots on flight simulators. Operational procedures have been brought up to automatism
  • Actually, an airplane is AIR and PLANE , it means it can safely glide long distance even without engine power at all. Since you’re missing this knowledge, you tend to use your fantasy that an airplane will “fall down” in such a case. lessons 5 and 10 of our interactive course “TakeOff” are a good source of information about aerodynamics, thus, helping to cease fantasies.

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