Why Us

Many people around the globe do not live a full life because of their fear of flying. I strive to help them learn more about aviation processes as well as understand and control the processes inside their head. Fear may be caused by numerous triggers, so in order to control it, we need to learn what those triggers are and how to deal with them. I understand that each step of the flight can provoke such triggers and know exactly how to help you deal with them. For example, many of you find it difficult to cope with turbulence and that being able to control the situation is critical. I also know that most of you rely on your own feelings rather than statistics, though the latter shows a very high safety rate of aviation. As a commercial pilot and a psychologist, I can very well understand what you feel during the flight, and I know exactly how to help you overcome your fear. 


I have been helping people with the fear of flying over 9 years and have gained invaluable experience, which I successfully use in all of my programs.


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