Why do you want it?


Aerophobia, just as other phobias and fears, lowers the quality of our life, self-confidence and our ability to explore and use new opportunities. Still most people who have the fear of flying can cope with it and live a full life. You could be one of them!

  • Fear of flight brings limitations to our life and deprives us of freedom.
  • Fear of flight is not connected in anyway with flight safety and is mostly comprised by our thoughts and mental condition.
  • Fear of flight can be overcome by learning a different behavior pattern.
  • Coping with the fear of flight could help you cope with other psychological problems as well.
  • Fear of flight doesn’t only restrict you, but also your immediate family.
  • It can affect your career and personal development.
  • Overcoming fear of flight allows you to live a full life.
  • Living a full life is something you will ENJOY!


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